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Photo 23 Jul Got a whole latte love.

Got a whole latte love.

Link 11 Jul TV Saratoga County»

TRAX COMBOS - The Hip Stars & Free Cake For Every Creature

Photo 4 Jul I do what I do.

I do what I do.

Link 3 Jul Doug Koebrich on the Nick Vatterott Show.»

Recorded at Stand Up New York Labs.

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Link 28 Jun Leisure Activities with Bi-Polar Jonathon by The Nick Vatterott Show on SoundCloud»

Great episode, give it a listen.

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Text 16 Jun Ladies

Women are like those “Simon” games they had at the DQ growing up.

You have to try to read and remember an ever changing and increasingly complicated pattern of cues as well as other nonverbal behavior and until you’ve reached the culmination of each session spent as each other’s interlocutor.

I only say ladies, because I always prefer their company one on one to that of men.

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